Monkee See — Monkee Do

Women Helping Women

Monkee See--Monkee Do is about women reaching out to each
other, lifting each other up and encouraging each other on.

Families Helping Families

Families, organizations, and businesses are coming together
to accomplish amazing things.

Join the Re(LOVE)ution!

Needs are being meet and hearts are being healed.
Won't you join us?

Monkees + Microsoft at Battle Monument School

Monkee See – Monkee Do is a helping, healing revolution started by a group of women from Momastery in response to a desire for more service projects, more giving and more loving.

Our goal is simple. We see needs in our communities and we do something about them.

We focus on parents. We help moms and dads during the extra hard seasons of life.

Our vision is to welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, care for the sick, bandage the wounded and give hope to the hopeless among us because We Belong To Each Other.  We do this by coming together with our great love and little bits of time, money and talent to help one person, one family at a time.

When we give, we heal. The givers become the receivers.

We call ourselves Monkees because like monks, we put our faith in something beyond ourselves, we find value in quiet, and we practice living peacefully in community. We’re unlike monks in that we curse, watch trash tv and become annoyed quite easily. So we settled on Monkees. We are the Monkees.